3 Ways to Match Pearl Necklaces to Your Outfits for Every Occasion

Many girls have probably noticed that pearl necklaces have become one of the signature accessories that women love. But did you know that pearl necklaces can also be worn with any outfit to add beauty in their own way? In this guide, we’ll recommend Matara Studio’s pearl necklace outfit matching ideas to enhance your look on any occasion.

Wear a pearl necklace that matches your lifestyle

If you want to wear a pearl necklace to enhance your look, you should start by getting to know more about each style of pearl necklace we offer at Matara Studio. Our pearl necklaces are designed to suit every look for women, whether it’s for an important event, working day, even to match casual outfit looks, or to take beautiful chic photos at the cafe. Let’s see the different styles now.

1. Princess Pearl Length Necklaces

Let’s start with the princess pearl necklace that is adored and worn the most. The length of this pearl necklace is approximately 18 cm, which is the length that best fits the collarbone, so it doesn’t look too long or too short. If any woman is still figuring out how long their necklace should be, this princess necklace is the perfect solution! 

2. Matinee Length Pearl Necklaces

This style of pearl necklace is approximately 22 cm long and falls at the chest. This length can help make your neck appear more slender than other pearl necklaces, making them as popular as the princess pearl necklaces.

3. Pearl Chokers

This pearl necklace is approximately 16 cm long, which is the perfect length for a woman’s neck as they are most often worn close to the neck and does not sag or fall like other necklaces, making your neck look more prominent.

4. Opera Length Pearl Necklaces

This pearl necklace is one that girls can match with many styles of their outfits. With a length of approximately 30-32 cm, which is about the length of your chest, the Opera Length Pearl Necklaces can be wrapped several times around the neck. Or, you can also adjust the length of this opera style pearl necklace to your liking.

What type of pearl necklace is gorgeous with each outfit?

Still unsure of what kind of pearl necklaces to wear with each of your outfits? Let’s take a look at some pearl necklace matching ideas and add beauty to every opportunity! 

1. Pearl necklaces for casual outfits

Forget the old saying that, “pearl necklaces are only for special occasions,” because we have a trick to choosing the right pearl necklace that is suitable for your everyday look. Whether you are going shopping, taking a leisurely stroll during the beautiful day, or hanging out with your friends. Just choose a minimalist pearl necklace from the list below:

  • A small necklace decorated with a pearl pendant in a princess or matinee length are pearl necklaces that are just the right length and can also be easily matched with casual outfits. The pearl pendant is considered a small and minimal addition that can enhance your simple outfit. 
  • Pearl choker necklaces can enhance your look with their simple yet modern design. It can help transform your everyday T-shirt and jeans combination to become high street fashion as well.

2. Pearl necklaces to wear with business attire

For girls who need to wear polite office outfits for work, they should choose a small pearl necklace suitable to wear with a suit or a business casual style you can wear regularly. The pearl colors we recommend are white, cream or black pearls, which you can choose as you like.

3. Pearl necklaces to wear in special occasions

For girls who are preparing for an important event, we’ve put together a list of tips for choosing a luxury pearl necklace for your special occasion, so let’s check it out:

  • Choose premium grade pearls such as Akoya pearls (most sparkling), Tahitian pearls (Queen of pearls) and South Sea pearls (Large size/glossy shine).
  • Large pearls with a dazzling shine to add charm and make you even more eye-catching.
  • Choose pearl jewelry decorated with diamonds (Fine Jewelry) from Matara Studio to help you become a beautiful woman and add elegance.
  • Opt for an opera style pearl necklace as you can adjust the length of the pearl necklace by wrapping it around your neck.

Customize your own pearl necklace the way you like at Matara Studio

Gift yourself or your loved ones with a one of a kind pearl necklace at Matara Studio. Here, we offer  custom pearl necklaces to help you find your unique look and stand out from the crowd. Contact us today to learn more.