Bracelets and Bangles

Bracelets and Bangles

We select only premium grade pearls at Matara Studio so every woman can choose the perfect pearl bracelet or pearl bangle at the best quality and price. Our designs for our pearl bracelets are unique to our brand with a modern twist to reflect the identity and taste of our wearers. Our jewelry meets the needs of teenagers, young women, as well as working people who love the classic flare of pearls.
Anyone can own a premium grade pearl bracelet and bangle
You too can own a premium grade pearl bracelet or bangle at a starting price of only 2,850 baht. Whether you are  working women or are even celebrities, our modern style pearl bracelets and bangles are ready to add a touch of beauty to your every outfit for every occasion.

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Experience special services for yourself at Matara Studio

Join the exclusive experience Matara Studio has to offer and enjoy a selection of pearl bracelets and bangles, modern and classic in style and created with world-class pearls. Whether they are saltwater pearls including Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls or our freshwater pearls which are one of our most beautiful, our jewelry will not disappoint you for sure.

Matara Studio is happy to give you advice on choosing the perfect pearl bracelet or bangles, whether for yourself or as a gift for others

Enjoy convenient and friendly advice from our pearl experts. We help you choose pearl bracelets and bangles for you and your loved ones on special occasions. Matara Studio is located at Central Embassy and Mandarin Oriental, or through online channels such as our website every day. Or you can add us on LINE as well.



Q: What occasions are pearl bracelets suitable for?

A: If you want a simple yet eye-catching look, try to choose a pearl bracelet with only one pearl where the bracelet is a small chain. For a bolder look, opt for a thick pearl bracelet. But if you want to wear it casually, it is recommended to choose a single pearl bracelet.


Q: What is the difference between a pearl bracelet and a pearl bangle?

A: Bangles are more durable pieces of jewelry and are made of metal. They generally have a fixed circular design whereas bracelets can be made from a wide variety of materials and are often more flexible in nature. Bracelets are also unlockable unlike bangles.


Q: How many pearl bracelets or pearl bangles should I wear?

A: First, you should consider bracelet and bangle sizes, pearls, and finishing materials. If the bracelet is quite thick, it should be worn with no more than 3-5 other bracelets and bangles, but if the pearl bracelet or bangle is thinner, it can be worn with more. However, make sure that the pearl bracelet or pearl bangle that you are wearing does not take up more than one third of the arm’s length.


Q: What are the dimensions of Matara Studio’s pearl bracelets?

A: Most of Matara Studio’s pearl bracelets have an average size of about 15-16 cm, which is the average size of most women’s wrists. If you want a pearl bracelet of a specific size they can be made to order with us.


Q: Can pearl bracelets and bangles be worn every day?

A: Pearl bracelets and bangles can be worn every day. Just be careful not to let the pearls touch any makeup or acidic substances and wipe them clean with a soft cloth every time after wearing to avoid potential damages.