Matara Studio aims to design our pearl brooches to suit every look of , working people and for any special occasions. With our world-class quality pearls that every girl dreams of, our jewelry reflects your personality and character with class and sophistication. Whether it’s a pearl brooch with diamonds, a collection of English letters to best describe you, or a minimalistic pearl brooch that will help you look more fashionable.
Own a world-class quality pearl brooch at an affordable price
Matara Studio’s pearl brooches are an item that will help enhance your every look with a starting price of only 4,850 Baht. We have selected the best saltwater pearls in the world, like Akoya  pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls and our specially-selected freshwater pearls that are suitable for every occasion. With the best price and quality of our pearl brooch, it becomes popular among teens and working people.

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Select a pearl brooch that’s perfect for you at Matara Studio

Matara Studio is happy to provide services to complete your perfect everyday look with various styles of premium pearl brooches. Join in on the special experience of buying pearl jewelry with expert advice and exclusive after-sales services.

Matara Studio is happy to give you advice on choosing the perfect pearl brooch, whether for yourself or as a gift for others 

Enjoy convenient and friendly advice from our pearl experts. We help you choose pearl brooches for you and your loved ones on special occasions. Matara Studio is located at Central Embassy and Mandarin Oriental, or through online channels such as our website every day. Or you can add us on LINE as well.



Q: Should women wear pearl brooches on the left or right side?

A: Usually the pearl pin should be placed on the left chest area. However, you can attach the pearl pin in other places of your choice as well.


Q: What clothes can a pearl brooch be paired with?

A: You can actually put pearl brooches on hats, hair, collars, jackets, dresses, or handbags as well. Just choose the design of the pin and the size of the pearl to suit your outfit.


Q: Are Matara Studio’s pearl brooches expensive?

A: Matara Studio’s pearl brooch starts at 4,xxx – 1x,xxx baht depending on the design, pearl and material used to make the brooch.


Q: What should I do if the pearl brooch is less shiny?

A: You can bring your pearls back to Matara Studio so that our pearl experts can clean them to make your pearls shine like new again.


Q: How do you store pearl brooches?

A: You can keep the pearl brooch in the box you got when purchasing. Start by wiping the pearl earrings with a soft cloth and keep away from other jewelry. Use a soft cloth to put on top of it to humidify the air to keep the pearls from drying to the point of deterioration.