MATARA EVENT : Allure of the Stars

The unknown of Patinya Kyokong, is a lot like the woman she champions: confident, daring – and with a streak of mystery and sensuality. Patinya mixes and matches all things extraordinary with her own aesthetics, and comes up with creations that strike a chord with beautiful women.

Creative Director and Founder of Patinya, Patinya Kyokong (Guitar) joined Matara as the Design Director of the new sub-line, Matara Atelier this summer 2020. With 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, and 2 years with jewelry brand Pandora, she is no doubt the perfect candidate for this role. 

The newly appointed design director references everything from the romantic era to modern glamour in her kaleidoscopic romance universe. 

The collection, Allure of the Stars, is inspired by the quote, “we are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle”, by Marilyn Monroe. Patinya believes that everyone needs a little sparkle in their life. Whether it is in the eyes, or the sparkle they wear, everyone deserves to shine… even on the rainiest of days!

Through her luxury lens, the iconic motif of the collection is mixed and distilled into varies jewelry pieces infused with contemporary and sophisticated elements for an aesthetically distinguished collection. Allure of the Stars is 100% handcrafted by the best jewelry artisans in Thailand and every pearl used on the jewelry piece is hand-picked by Patinya herself. There will never be another of the same.

Venue courtesy of The Sukhothai Hotel, Bangkok.

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