MATARA EVENT : Ending The Year With A Bang

2 Dates · December 18,2019 - December 20,2019
Spaces Empire Tower, Bangkok

It is very important to end the year on a great note, with a bang. And no, we are not talking about fireworks. We are talking about our newly launched #MataraInclusivity campaign that we believe will help us open doors in the coming years. Here are some highlights of the event.

Repurpose Your Pearl Jewelry: Revive. Reinvent. Relive.

The aim of this campaign is to give new life to old, cherished pearls. Resetting pearls and other gemstones into new jewelry designs is a growing trend, according to our marketing director Jongjin Jungsura. “Be it pearls that were inherited from mothers or pearls that were given as a gift, there are sentiment attached to gemstone,” she said. “But people may not like the setting. They want to have the pearl set into another ring, a necklace or earrings. It is something we have observed lately.”

The person who will be breathing new life into your old pearl jewelry is art director and designer Salil Andraphan, who has an amazing eye for detail. All we can say is, you will be blown away; the rest will be for you to find out.

Indulge In Pearls And Create Your Own

We are all power and independent individuals, we work hard, we may be a parent and we take care of people who are under our wings. We did a lot of things and we deserve to shine. What is more empowering than being able to buy yourself your favourite piece of jewelry? Making the piece of jewelry yourself!

Alongside the launch of the campaign, we held a pearl jewelry making workshop, where our lovely participants got to do everything from choosing the pearl to assembling the jewelry.

The 3-day event at Spaces has been remarkable! Not only have we helped our clients understand pearls better through the workshop, we have also bonded over pearls, wine and sushi!

Here is a warm thank you to everyone, you all made our event possible. You all made Matara, possible.

Get a glimpse of our event on Vogue Thailand’s Instagram.