MATARA EVENT : Matara Covid-19 Relief Auction

This year, it’s all about giving back. Conoravirus, also know as Covid-19 has affected countries all over the world, impacted the lives and well-being of people and Thailand is no exception. The Thai government has since enforced the #WFH policy and we took this opportunity and leverage on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook to host auctions.

Unlike any other auctions, these auctions held are to fundraise and part of the donations will be donated to the hospitals in South Thailand to purchase medical equipments.

Matara hosted a total of five auctions throughout the month and just on the first auction alone, we have raised a total of 181,800 Thai baht.

It was truly an amazing, fruitful and meaning event and we are proud to say that, at the end of the Matara Covid-19 Relief Auction, we managed to raise a grand total of 1.8 million Thai baht. Which means, a total of 370,000 Thai baht will be donated.

If you think this is the end, you thought wrong. It was just the beginning. Matara will dedicate the rest of 2020 to give back to our society and we will be hosting more auctions in May and June 2020. If you wish to know more details, do follow us closely on our official Instagram @matarastudio.