MATARA EVENT : Matara in Laos

For the first time in 5 years, we brought Matara to a South East Asia country — Vientiane. 

Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is different from the capitals of its surrounding neighbours. Rather than bracing the chaos and hustle and bustle found in other South East Asia cities, Vientiane is known for its laid back and chill atmosphere, attracting wanderlusters who enjoy a peaceful, relaxed vibe. With noticeably less traffic, high-rise buildings and Western chain-stores, Vientiane feels like you have stepped back in time. 

The capital of Laos might not be a popular travel destination as compared to its more developed neighbours. However, you might be amazed, with crumbling French architecture, walkable streets, temple galore, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets and an amazing array of local and international cafes and restaurants, Vientiane is the ideal place to spend a couple of days exploring, clearing your mind and perhaps, do a social media detox. 

Experience it for yourself, because beyond breathtaking sceneries is a rich and warm culture only in travel you can feel. 

Unlike our previous trips to Vientiane, this time we were there for #MataraLaos soft opening. It was also the first time that we had the chance to get together with our fellow Laotians and get to know them better. 

The event took place at Tispy Elephant, a lovely rooftop bar within SureStay Hotel, that overlooks the city — with beautiful pearl jewelry, great conversations, delicious finger food and champagne, a lot of champagne; the night was nothing short of perfect. 

Get a glimpse of the event down below.

If you love us, or our pearl jewelry, or both, do follow us closely as we have something up our sleeves. 2020 is going to be a thrilling year for Matara and we warmly invite you to be part of it.

This is just the beginning.