MATARA EVENT : Matara Pret-a-Porter x the Verapuchong sisters

What comes to mind when you conjure the word “sisterhood”? For us, it is unconditional support and love, loyalty, unity, acceptance and empowerment. This June 2021, Matara celebrates sisterhood with the Verapuchong sisters and the Lucky & Loyalty collection from Matara Pret-a-Porter, by khun Guitar Patinya.

The Verapuchong sisters, Aom, Oam, Ava and Earn are no strangers to the Thais. The 4 beautiful ladies are known for their strong bond and chemistry, and they are indeed the perfect representation of the collection, Lucky and Loyalty. Like writer Isadora James wrote, “a sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life”; we believe the Verapuchong truly resonate with this phrase.

With that, we present you with the Verapuchong sisters and the Lucky & Loyalty collection, through the lenses of @dramaking.

Watch the the exclusive behind the scenes here, and a vlog by the Verapuchong sisters here.