MATARA EVENT : The Portraits of Madame Matara: A Celebration of Empowerment

A powerful representation of Matara pearls and womanhood through lenses of Chut Janthachotibutr.

“If you can, just do it yourself. Why not? Reward yourself. You don’t need a man to buy you jewelry.”
Guitar Patinya

“If your load is heavy, go for a walk, find something delicious to eat or stop for a chitchat.”
Orrapat Sae-Heng

“Embrace and accept the differences among all genders. Maximum output is only achieved if everyone’s strengths are employed.”
Somjitra Dhanasobhon

“There are many sides to being a woman. Sometimes you need to be soft, other times you need to be strong. It’s all about choosing wisely which roles you’re going to play in different situations.”
Nonthip Cholsaipan

“There can be power and strength in delicate things. Women are like eggs – delicate but protective when needed – and that’s what makes us special.”

Jantra Junpitakchai

“I don’t have one particular role model or icon. Every single person out there has strengths of their own and can be an inspiration to others in their own ways.”
Noinutda Asavanaruenath

Tanchanok “Omi” Vajarodaya

“I have two personalities. I may seem conservative, but the other life I can choose for myself is filled with fun – I love skiing and listening to UrBoyTJ! you can still have fun at any age!”
Pikularoon Pichidchaisiri

Thitanun Taveebhol

“My friends were mostly cheerleaders, I was the president. I wasn’t the prettiest girl, but I have the power.”
Nawanich Sakunkoo

“Since becoming friends, we’ve never gossiped about anyone nor have any bad attitudes towards others. We just do our own thing. Gossiping wastes so much time.”
Dr. Padapassorn Padapiladdhanun (Manie)

“Good friendship starts with giving yourself, not objects. If you meet for the first time, be open-minded and don’t be scared. If we didn’t open up to each other, we wouldn’t have gone back with anything at all.” 
Prapaphan Teeraphan (Lisa)

Portraits of Madame Matara Pop-up Exhibition
12-28 February 2021
Level G, Gaysorn Center, Gaysorn Village