Imperiale Renaissance Bangle


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    Versatile and brilliant, the bangle dazzles with over Matara petite diamonds pave-set in white/rose/yellow gold, with clean lines that magnify the brilliance of mother of pearl.

    Available in: White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold

    Product Details
    S: 24/0.35 cts
    M: 24/0.34 cts
    L: 24/0.34 cts

    Mother of Pearl
    S: with Diamond 36/9.92 cts, without Diamond 48/10.29 cts
    M: with Diamond 36/11.39 cts, without Diamond 48/12.46 cts
    L: with Diamond 36/13.89 cts, without Diamond 48/12.51 cts

    S: with Diamond 11.79 g, without Diamond 11.95 g
    M: with Diamond 14.14 g, without Diamond 13.06 g
    L: with Diamond 13.06 g, without Diamond 12.49 g

    S: 15 cm (4.5 cm x 5 cm)
    M: 16.5 cm (5 cm x 5.5 cm)
    L: 18 cm (5.4 cm x 6 cm)

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Imperiale Renaissance Bangle


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