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Dress up to build your self-confidence with our versatile pearl necklaces in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes
We select only premium-grade pearls to get delivered to Matara Studio, ready to be worn by every woman out there. Stand out with our modern, yet classic design that is unique to Matara Studio. Our jewelry meets the needs of  working people looking for a pearl necklace to be worn on every occasion.
Own a pearl necklace at affordable price 
You too can own a premium quality pearl necklace for a starting price of only 5,860 Baht. With our modern pearl necklace design, you can be confident and on trend in every occasion, whether it’s a work day, a date, or any important ceremonies.

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Try on a pearl necklace for yourself at Matara Studio

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could try on the pearl necklace of your choice by yourself? At Matara Studio, we are ready to find the perfect pearl necklace for you. Our pearls offer a timeless beauty, whether they are saltwater pearls including Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls, as well as our freshwater pearls being the most beautiful. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed.

Matara Studio is happy to give you advice on choosing the perfect pearl necklace, whether for yourself or as a gift for others

Enjoy convenient and friendly advice from our pearl experts. We help you choose pearl bracelets and necklaces for you and your loved ones on special occasions. Matara Studio is located at Central Embassy and Gaysorn Village branches, or through online channels every day.



Q: When choosing a pearl necklace as a gift, what should be considered?

A: You can choose a pearl necklace as a gift based on the following:

1. The style or design of the necklace that goes with the outfit of your special person.

2. The length of the pearl necklace that is suitable for your special person.


Q: How many types of pearl necklaces are there? And which types are suitable for what occasions?

A: There are 4 types of pearl necklaces:

The choker is 16 inches long and suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

Princess, 18 inches long, is the most popular size.

Matinee is 22 inches long, normal length, perfect for daytime wear.

Opera is 30-32 inches long, suitable for formal wear. It is commonly worn as double-layered necklaces to shorten the length and make it look more elegant.


Q: After purchasing from Matara, if your pearl necklace is stretched, damaged or appears to be torn, how can you get it repaired?

A: You can contact Matara Studio to send the pearl necklace back to us for repair.


Q: Can pearl necklaces be worn every day?

A: You can wear a pearl necklace every day. Just be careful not to expose the pearls to makeup or any acidic substances. You should also wipe them clean with a soft cloth every time after wearing them to preserve them for long-term use.


Q: If you keep the pearl necklace kept away for a long time, will it really deteriorate?

A: Yes. A way to keep pearl necklaces from deteriorating when stored for a long time is to take them out and wear them every so often. If you keep them locked away without wearing them, chances are they will deteriorate faster.